Fresco Off Road Large Seat Heavy Duty Motorised Electric Wheelchair

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This sort of electric wheelchair is enhanced the premise of the customary electric wheelchair. The driving wheel is introduced in the front to drive the two back follow-up wheels, which incredibly improves the heading control. Since the customary wheelchair will introduce the driving wheel in the back and drive the two subsequent wheels toward the front, there will be resolute turning control, so this wheelchair can improve the issue of rigid controlling.

• Foldable & Portable. The Electric Wheelchair can be folded and put into the trunk of the car.
• Electric Wheelchair Lithium Battery can last for 3 years
• Wide Seat widths
• Through wheelchair control panel to control the wheelchair to move forward or backward, the speed of the power wheelchair can be adjusted. When reversing backward, there will be a beep sound to remind other nearby people.
• Armrest Wheelchair
• Controller Panel can be installed left or right depend on customer requirement.
• EABS Electric Auto Brake System

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