Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Italy with the ISSIMO 45 from Fantic

Fantic, a leading Italian company in the world of electric bikes, has created the stunning ISSIMO 45 electric bike. With a focus on innovation and quality, Fantic has designed and manufactured the ISSIMO 45 to provide riders with the ultimate e-bike experience.

From the sleek and modern design, to the powerful and reliable electrical drivetrain, every aspect of the ISSIMO 45 has been carefully crafted by the team at Fantic. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring the city, or tackling challenging terrain, the ISSIMO 45 from Fantic is the perfect companion. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Italy with the ISSIMO 45 electric bike from Fantic.

First impressions:

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia 4

The ISSIMO 45 immediately caught my eye with its sleek and modern design. The transparent covers come in a variety of vibrant colors and add a fun and unique touch to the bike. The low centre of gravity and Fat tyres give the bike a stable and safe feel, perfect for tackling any terrain.

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia 3

Electrical drive train and battery:

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia Electrical Motor

The 500W Bafang M600 motor provides impressive power and a maximum torque of 120 Nm, making it perfect for tackling steep inclines. The 600Wh battery offers a range of up to 50km on a single charge, or 100km with the optional second battery. The type-approved lights and number plate holder make it legal for use on the roads, and the storage compartment is a useful added bonus.

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia Battery 2

Handlebar display:

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia Display

The display on the handlebar is easy to read and navigate, with four different modes to choose from. The “Road” mode is perfect for reaching the maximum speed of 40km/h, whether using the accelerator, pedals, or a combination of both. The “Hill” mode is ideal for tackling steep inclines, with a maximum speed of 20km/h and the option to use the accelerator or pedals. The “Zero” mode disables all motor assistance, allowing the bike to be used solely by pedalling. This is great for long downhill stretches or conserving battery life. The “Walk assist” mode is perfect for walking the bike in areas where riding is prohibited.

ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia Handler Bar


ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike - Malaysia Frame
ISSIMO 45 Electric Bike – Malaysia Frame

One of the standout features of the ISSIMO 45 is the ability to customize the bike to your own style and needs. The covers come in a variety of transparent and opaque colors, allowing for endless possibilities. The bike also has a range of accessories available, such as additional storage compartments and lighting options.

Overall thoughts:

I was impressed with the ISSIMO 45 from the moment I laid eyes on it. The design is modern and unique, and the customization options allow for endless possibilities. The electrical drive train and battery offer impressive power and range, and the handlebar display is easy to navigate and use. As a commuting bike, the ISSIMO 45 provides a new opportunity for sustainable and reliable transportation in the city.

FRAMEAlluminium, unique tg
FORKZoom 80mm
REAR DERAILLEUREnviolo Heavy Duty 0.5-1.9
BRAKESRadius BH-M870-G
TYRESVEE-TIRE Co – 20″X4″ Speedster
WHEELSGipiemme 20″
LIGHTSAnt Roxim Z4e elite / Post Koso Mini LED
HORNRoxim ZHR-02
SEATSwitch / Promax

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